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About Us

Red River Brewing Company, founded in 2018, is Red River’s first and only brewery and is located in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Born out of a love of beer, RRBC’s a local, family run business in the beautiful town of Red River. Locals and tourists alike flock into the new brewery to socialize, eat, and listen to live music once the sun goes down. With great service and friendly staff, Red River Brewing Company will become your newest Red River tradition.

Beginning as a booming mining camp in 1895, Red River is rich with character and history. Gold, silver, and copper attracted hopeful miners from all over the west. Today, Red River is equally as rich but now with outdoor activities, beautiful wildlife, and family fun. The addition of Red River Brewing Company in 2018 helps tell more of the story of Red River. The brewery building mimics the aesthetic of an old mining town, while the beer and dish names hint some of the local legends and specials.

Our Beer and Food

Red River Brewing Company currently boasts 12 beers on tap with one additional tap of root beer for those who are more childish at heart. The building allows visitors to view everything going on during the brewing process because of the large windows directly facing the brewing action. If you are interested in more learning than drinking, you can schedule a tour with our master brewer.

With a full-service kitchen, open for lunch and dinner, RRBC is great for hungry hikers, tired skiers, and families. Our food is a mix of New Mexico staples, Texas traditions, and modern twists on bar fair. If you’re feeling thirsty but you can’t stay long, 32 oz. crowlers and 64 oz. growlers can be purchased to take home.

Our Awards

Since Red River Brewing Company opened, we’ve won three awards: